Grow Natural Organic Liquid Fertiliser 2.5L Concentrate Plant Veges Fruit Soil

Grow Natural Organic Liquid Fertiliser 2.5L Concentrate Plant Veges Fruit Soil

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GrowTM is a Bio Organically Sustainable liquid fertilizer, developed as an alternative to chemical fertilizers, seaweed fertilizers and other garden products.
We have a vision for a healthier sustainable world free of harmful fertilizers where people have easy affordable access to naturally nutritious food

GROW is our step towards a bio-organically sustainable future
Delivers outstanding results every time it is applied to fruit and vegetables, lawns and herbs in fact anything. But there’s much more to fertiliser than meets the eye.
Our unique liquid fertiliser has been tried and tested through 10 years of scientific research and development followed by hands-on application coupled with 5th generation farming experience.

The following is general guidance for application of Grow liquid fertiliser. The details may vary slightly to suit individual production systems and yield targets.
Grow the stuff that great gardens are made from – the way nature intended. Grow liquid fertiliser gives outstanding results on all fruits, veggies, lawns, trees, herbs and flowers plant and soil friendly microbes.

Bed Preparation

  • 10ml per litre of water (100:1)

Pre-planting apply Grow to promote and accelerate microbial activity in the soil. This rate can be increased as the product benefits accumulate with every use. The cost effectiveness of Grow allows for increased applications if desired. Note: Initially use lower mixing rates if high applications of inorganic/synthetic fertilisers have been previously used, as Grow releases residual artificial nutrient build up.

During Life Cycle of Plant
Increase application rate as plant matures. For best results as a pour on or foliar spray apply every week early morning or late afternoon.

  • Ferns & Indoor Plants 10ml per litre of water (100:1)
  • Flowers & Ornamentals 15ml per litre of water (66:1)
  • Vegies, Fruits & Herbs 20ml per litre of water (50:1)
  • Lawns & Established Trees 50ml per litre of water (20:1)

Grow is a simple yet complete balance of nutrients for all your gardening needs. It’s organic and safe for your family and the environment. Grow naturally with a bio organic fertilizer for you and your family’s well being.