Begonia Maculata Wightii
Begonia Maculata Wightii
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Begonia Maculata Wightii

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Begonia Maculata Indoorplant Care

Scientific Name: Begonia maculata
Light Requirements: Bright, indirect light. Higher light levels will promote strong growth and blooms, but avoid direct sunlight.
Watering: Keep the soil generally moist, letting the top half inch of soil dry out between watering. Will not tolerate soggy soil.
Soil: A light houseplant potting mix is ideal. Add perlite if drainage is insufficient.
Temperature: (18°C) and (30°C).
Fertilizer: Balanced, water-soluble fertilizer applied every 2-4 weeks when the plant is actively growing.
Humidity: High humidity is important. >45% ideally. A digital hygrometer can be useful to monitor humidity.
Flowering: Bloom from spring to fall, producing clusters of white flowers with cheery yellow centers on a single stem.
Pruning: Prune back at least twice per year to maintain compact growth.
Propagation: Stem cuttings are easily propagated in soil or water.
Re-Potting: Annual repotting in spring will help greatly.
Diseases and Pests: High humidity and overwatering can cause powdery mildew, botrytis, bacterial leaf spot, stem and root rot. Whitefly and mealybugs are sometimes a problem, but easily dealt with.
Toxicity: Toxic to pets and people if ingested.